Ruth Rainey teaches a variety of metal clay classes ranging from an introductory "Make and Take" silver metal clay class to Metal Clay Basics.  Metal Clay Basics is required before you can move on to Open Studio, Technique Building and Exploration and Workshops.

Classes on Demand

My studio is located on beatiful Whidbey Island in the state of Washington. I offer classes "on demand" to accomodate students who may be traveling or want to customize their class.  Call to schedule a class that meets your schedule.  You can take the class as a private class or I can advertise it to others for cost savings.


"Make and Take" is an introductory half-day class designed to provide you a "taste of metal clay".  Make a pair of earrings or charms, dry, refine and fire them with a small butane torch and finish them before taking them home.  This is a great class to try out metal clay and determine if metal clay jewelry is for you.

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Metal Clay Basics teaches the skills  to become successful at working with metal clay. Whether you are new to metal clay or want to brush up on your clay handling skills, this class will provide you with a strong foundation. This class or equivalent experience is a prerequisite to taking additional classes, open workshop, and workshops.

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The Skill Building series builds upon the skills and techniques you need to know to become a confident metal clay artist.  Metal Clay Basics or equivalent experience is required to take this series.  

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Workshops are a great way to focus on a particular technique.  Workshops may be one-, two- and three-day workshops. 

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Ruth is a Senior Certifying Instructor for Art Clay World and offers Art Clay Certification classes for Cross-Over, Level I and Senior Levels. 

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